My Regent Bank Faith In Business Breakfast Testimony

August 27, 2019

On Friday, August 23rd, I attended a Faith in Business breakfast hosted by Regent Bank in Tulsa, OK. Regent Bank hosts and sponsors these events monthly, to encourage businesspeople and ministries to gather together and hear how God is moving around our city and the nation. This event really blessed me, because a special speaker from Congo, Africa, by the name of Durckheim Blessing came to share. Born in 1994, Durck, a street evangelist, medical student, and motivational speaker, has witnessed God preform many healing miracles during his lifetime. Also, in 1994, a lot of blood was shed in the nearest country, Rwanda. Ultimately, the civil war in Rwanda lead to huge destruction in the Congo that left Durck lonely, homeless, hopeless and restless.


Durck and his family lost everything and became fugitives. They walked through three countries of Africa and ended up as refugees in Namibia. During this time, he, his siblings, and mom slept under trees as they fled to safety, avoiding the horrible events of the war happening in Congo. God ultimately brought his family to Sweden and allowed them to be encouragers by sharing His greatness in the midst of all the pains and sufferings they endured. God allowed Durck to go through unspeakable trials in order to share a powerful message for his people.


Back in 5th grade, God told me in a dream that I was going to be a missionary and worship leader in Congo, way before I even knew where the country was located. From that point, my love and desire to reach the people of Congo with the Gospel message has grown stronger through the years. Meeting Durck and hearing his story solidified in my heart how God takes our trials and uses them for His glory and our good! When Durck was finished sharing, he prayed for many people attending the event that were suffering from various circumstances. During this time, God showed up and moved in mighty ways!


While praying, Durck specifically prayed for people suffering with back pain. I came into agreement with Durck, that God would supernaturally heal others of this condition. The moment I did that, I personally felt God’s healing power move up and down my own spine. I immediately noticed less pain right away! You see, I have struggled with lower back pain for as long as I can remember, due to the 5 curvatures in my spine from Cerebral Palsy. Throughout my life, I have endured countless physical therapy and chiropractic appointments in efforts to allow me to live the best life I can with my condition. Today, I went in for my bi-weekly chiropractic appointment. During my adjustment, my chiropractor noticed a definite change in the alignment of my spine, resulting in little manipulation! I shared with her my experience at the Faith in Business breakfast, and she confirmed that my back was immensely straighter! Furthermore, I am free from back pain for the first time in 22 years, as a result of an instantaneous healing! God did, and still does miracles today! HALLELUJAH!!!


Whatever you are personally facing today, place it at the feet of Jesus. Physical, emotional, relational, financial or some other area, no miracle is too big or small for God! Your healing and miracle have already been paid for by Jesus on the Cross. He wants to use His divine power to heal your life, so that you can experience freedom and share with others the great and mighty things He can do! Remain strong in your faith and keep believing for YOUR miracle!



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