Finding Confidence Through Brokenness

April 30, 2018

God will take you far away from every broken place you've ever been, while picking up the shattered pieces of your life as He walks beside you. He has been in the mending business since the beginning of time, and desires to make you whole again by bringing you to a place of healing restoration through His redemptive power, grace, and forgiveness. 


The truth is, we are all broken in some way, and if you and I would be completely honest with ourselves, we feel so unqualified and unworthy to be used by God. Often times, this causes us to wonder how He could ever love and use us the way we are. It is in moments like this where His mercy, compassion, and goodness remind us that God uses broken, humble, honest, and willing people. The tests and trials that we walk through in this life are challenging at times, but He turns them around for His glory, and they ultimately become part of our testimonies to impact others. 


I want to encourage you today to not be ashamed of your own brokenness; rather, find confidence through it! Choose to look at it from the perspective that God will always find the perfect ways to utilize the situations you walk through. Remember, nothing is ever wasted! He might use them to draw you closer to Him, as tools to refine you personally, or to reach someone else through you! All you have to do is remain open! It can be painful when God prunes our lives, but it is for one purpose; to continually transform us closer to the image of Christ! 


“Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.” –Oscar Wilde




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