Worldly Approval V.S. God Given Opportunity

April 26, 2018

There is a difference between worldly approval and God given opportunity. Often times, the world will not understand or agree with the avenues that God has called you to take, or the things He has ordained specifically for you to achieve. As Christians, we have been mandated by God to be set apart for His Kingdom purposes and glory. In addition, we live in the world, but are not of it, and are to exhibit Christ’s character while shining His light in all we do.


Our society today tends to follow whatever is comfortable and cool in the moment. As a result, people are left with feelings of emptiness and worthlessness. Remember, many times, you and I are the only ones who are consumed by a different vision, and we must choose daily to chase after it wholeheartedly; even when everyone else runs the opposite way. Accepting the call to be set apart is never easy. You may be made fun of or emotionally put down, but in the end, following God’s path and guidance is ALL THAT MATTERS! I promise you that God will reward you for trusting and following Him, even in the hard times when it seems like everything around you is crumbling apart. 


God given opportunities come by having faith, and by speaking and declaring things forward into existence before they are seen in the natural. Continually pray for God to give you the supernatural strength to keep moving forward in His direction, marching to the beat of the Heavenly drum. In His timing, He will allow you to impact and touch the lives of many people with the gifts He has put inside of you. God never births a dream in your heart without providing the right opportunity for you to fulfill it! In seasons of waiting, stop trying to gain the world’s approval. IT IS NOT WORTH IT because of the selfish and jealous standards that people so freely judge one another’s callings and gifts by. Seek God’s approval, because you are accepted as you are and fully qualified and anointed for what He has appointed you to do. You are perfect, holy, righteous, redeemed, and worthy in His image!




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