June 19, 2017

Everyone has a life story that is to be shared with others, as it can help others see hope in times of trouble and hopelessness. You may be the type of person who is not proud of what may have happened in your past, and are ashamed of what you did or walked through. As a result, fear may be holding you back from sharing your testimony of how God delivered you and set you free, because you may be afraid of how people will view you as a person. The truth is, we all have messed up, and need God’s forgiveness and redemption, and you are not out there to get applause and approval from others. Sharing your testimony is about giving God the glory, honor, and praise for what He has brought you through. He is always by your side cheering you on. If you ask God to give you the supernatural strength to share your testimony, He will give it to you.

You never know how your story could literally save or impact someone’s life, and how God could be using your testimony to minister to and reach a specif...

June 12, 2017

We are set apart 

As saints and sinners who admire God's heart 

Who are called to shine His light into the dark 

For all the world to see 

He heals our anguish

And reveals His affection 

To create an intimate connection 

So that He can give sound direction 

For His sons and daughters to follow 

God shows us who we really are 

More than our wounds and scars 

We are saints and sinners set apart 

And sons and daughters 

Who are on our Father's Heart 

June 5, 2017

I don't know what experiences you may have walked through yesterday, but I am here to tell you that your experiences do NOT define you, nor do they dictate your future God does! The beautiful thing is that God gives us a fresh start each day because of His unending love and forgiveness. Even during the hardest times in life, joy can still be present, but it is truly a choice. You can choose to have the attitude of a victim, or the attitude of a VICTOR. Having the attitude of a victim does not get you anywhere, because you feel down, worthless, and defeated, but having the attitude of a VICTOR allows you to pull from God's limitless strength, and accomplish goals and dreams that only He can help you accomplish.

Christ was and is the ultimate VICTOR, because He defeated and conquered death, hell, and the grave, and rose again on the third day. He could have so easily chosen to have the attitude of a victim because of what He endured on the Cross, but He was about His Father's business, an...

April 17, 2017

Hope survives in the shadows of night 

Stands strong through every fight 

And shines with the brightest light 

Telling the world that everything will be alright 

Hope is always there

Even through your deepest despair 

You can declare a simple prayer, and say, "Lord, I need You to pull me through; renew me, and give me strength."

Hope died on a Cross

And lived to save the lost 

He lies within the depths of your heart and  soul

And will never let go 

Go unashamedly let the world know 



April 10, 2017

I don't have the answers 

But I know the One who does 

Just look up to Heaven

For His light shines from above

I don't have the answers

But one thing remains 

The blood of Jesus 

Has washed away every stain 

When you've reached the end of yourself 

And you feel like you could break 

Remember that you're not alone 

For Jesus bore your scars and deepest pain 

Let His healing rain fall upon you 

For He will dry all your tears 

Christ is always the answer 

And you are a Kingdom advancer 

March 13, 2017

Throughout history, many great Generals in Christianity have become legends due to the lifestyle he or she have lived, the great things he or she accomplished in God's Kingdom, and the many lives that were touched and impacted because of one specific person. In order to become a legend, a person must exhibit the qualities of bravery commitment to his or her relationship with God, humbleness, and honesty, as he or she must take a stand for what is right, and make an eternal difference for Christ in a dark and hurting world. God created everyone with unique skills, talents, and abilities to use as tools to preach the Gospel, and reach the world with His Kindness and love.

As Christians, God said that we would experience many hard trials, tribulations, and the roar of resistance in this world, as the devil prowls around looking for prey to devour, but we find our hope and strength to live our lives on earth in Jesus. As times get harder, a person might feel like he or she needs to seek she...

March 6, 2017

There is not a single person on this earth who has never faced difficulties or struggles in this life on earth. People are treated in unfair and wrong ways daily, just for the satisfaction of the accuser. In our human, fleshly minds, we may think "I can't believe what she said to me!” or "I can't believe what he did to me!" Does my accuser even realize that how he or she treated me was wrong and offensive to me? This causes people who are mistreated to experience feelings of shame, guilt, anguish, and sorrow, leaving the victim of the hurt wondering if he or she did something wrong to deserve the harmful treatment by the accuser. If hurt is not properly dealt with, it can lead to hearts being hardened, and can allow unforgiveness to take root, making it feel like we are ultimately losing everything. 

WE ALL HAVE A LIFE-CHANGING CHOICE TO MAKE!! We can either ask God for supernatural strength to forgive our accusers and love them like Christ loves us, or we can be miserable and bitter fo...

February 27, 2017

If I was born to be a flame 

Lit with passion for Your Name 

Then make me a bonfire 

So I can burn brighter

And let the world see Jesus through Me 

Light me up and I'll let the world know 

That you are God alone

And you are in control

I want to burn with Your love without counting the cost 

And be a vessel of Your kindness 

I will not be silent 

It's time to reclaim what the darkness stole 

May I be a soldier marching to the beat of Your Heavenly drum 

Always lifting my hands in praise to You 

For You will see me through 

And I will forever pursue 

You and Your Heavenly bonfire

February 20, 2017

No man is an island. We are not meant to live life alone. God made humankind because He Himself desired to have a family to love and fellowship with. God doesn't need us to survive, but He wants us to ask Him into our hearts, and live with Him in Heaven forever. As humans, we were born with a sinful nature because of Adam and Eve, and we tend to hide from God, thinking that the world will provide us with the satisfaction we long for. We end up running from God in fear that He will reject us because of our sins, until we find ourselves in a deep and dark place that only He can rescue us from.

Due to our sinful, human state of mind being in a fog, it doesn’t logically make since in the natural how or why God would choose to come rescue us, so we still proceed forward in our own strength, to try and find our fulfillment from other worldly avenues, but soon realize that the world is dead and empty, and the world cannot save us from our misery. What we are truly longing for is for someone or...

February 13, 2017

Take us back to the place where the Cross is everything

And You're our One true King 

Where we feel Your love

And You are more than enough 

Take us back to the place where You're our one desire 

And we're set on fire 

Where You inspire 

And we admire 

Take us back to the place where You are the answer 

And we are Kingdom advancers 

Where we glorify You 

In all that we do 

Take us back to the place where we experience supernatural breakthrough 

And where Your light shines through 

Where we become renewed 

And make an eternal difference for You 


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